Quebec is taking measures to become the leader in the sharing economy, to do so they have created a task force to consult with stakeholders of both small and large companies.  They have put in place this task force to tax, regulate and analyze the repercussions of the sharing economy. This is being done to assure that the economy will not take a loss and benefit the people of the province, they are putting in place these measurements to assure that jobs will not be lost, prices will not go up and the general population will not suffer.  According to Dominique Anglade the sharing economy will be growing very fast in the next few years and it has already a measurable impact on the way we produce, consume, fund and learn. For this reason, Quebec has made it their goal to determine the proper rules and guidelines for new and already existing companies to follow and be compliant with Quebec’s vision of the Sharing Economy.

The initiative Quebec has taken to be in control of the new Sharing Economy has helped us here at BizBiz Share to assure that our efforts will only lead to positive outcomes.  We aim to assure that we will only better our economy and community without being disturbing any existing companies and/or industries.  We are apart of the movement to improve business as we know it by allowing all companies to better work together, better communicate and create opportunities by allowing these companies to share their resources.  This will result in maximum revenues, minimal operating costs and an all-around better way of conducting business.