Our story at BizBiz Share started on an oil sand site in northern Alberta. The site was host to around 100 contractors and was the biggest project of it’s kind. One day, with temperatures near -40 Celsius, a group of us were working on a culvert when one of our skid-steer’s hydraulic systems exploded!

The work had to be halted and our foreman instructed us to go sit in the trucks and wait. I didn’t mind getting payed big bucks and doing nothing but I’m sure our boss wasn’t pleased. 2 days went by before a new skid-steer could be shipped up. While waiting, I kept thinking to myself, “what a waste of productivity this is…”

One thought I couldn’t shake off was that of the very same skid-steer in the laydown of a nearby company. I knew it was there, as I had drove by it earlier that day. It was just sitting idle, collecting snow instead of being put to work. What if we could have just leased it temporarily? Our project manager would have jumped at the opportunity to avoid delays and costs overrun.

And so, the idea was born; a platform that allows companies to collaborate and work together to gain access to resources they need and optimize the efficiency of what they own. This synergy benefits our economy, our business people and our environment.

– Elliot Daigneault, Chief Executive Officer