Basically, my internship at BizBiz Share is the absolute best internship I could have asked for. I can use only 2 words to describe it: fun and learning. What I’m doing is planning social media, creating visuals, writing blog articles, creating campaigns on Facebook and Google. The most difficult part of my job is trying to survive my “childish” colleagues but I’ve found some solutions. Occasionally I will hide from them in the washroom or just pretend I’m deaf.

What I like most about my internship is working as a team. It is new for me to be able to brainstorm and make decisions with experienced people. I am able to ask as many questions as I want and at the same time, I have responsibilities and dedicated projects.

I’ve done a few other internships before in big and small companies in France, what attracted me to this internship in Montreal was to discover a new way of working. Interning at a startup is different and I was intrigued by the challenges this would bring me. Most of all, the way people do business and communicate in Montréal is so different from communication in France.  For example, in Montreal, it’s much easier to use humour in advertising, you can play with words. In France we are more serious, formal and language style is very corporate. Personally, I think it’s easy to find “catchy titles” or short ads in English, French is always a bigger challenge and sentences seem too long!

Before coming here, I thought the biggest challenge I would face was working in English.  The truth is, sometimes I understand English better than Quebecois! Finally, working in a B2B startup is a daily challenge because you’re testing and learning every day as everything is new. You have to be ready to take risks, be confident and learn fast.

What I’m most excited about is that my BizBiz Share internship is the best professional experience I’ve never had!