Tips to Snap Impressive Resource Pics

All members should try to take the best photos possible of their resources.  As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want members to notice your resources, whether it be a forklift, CNC Machine or warehouse space, make it stand out from all the other resources.  You need to present your product in the best way possible. This means the best photos to show off your resourcesHere are a few easy tips for taking great pictures of your resources:

  1. Remove as much clutter as possible from the area where you are shooting your resource.  This can be as simple as moving papers out of the shot or moving the garbage can. The focus should be the resource.
  2. Quick cleaning.  If your resource is dirty a quick dusting or wiping down can make the difference of the resource looking great and a resource looking old.
  3. Have the item fill the frame.  Try to ensure that the majority of your picture features the product.  The larger you can make the resource within the frame the better.
  4. Try to shoot your resource in a square frame.  Shooting the resource in the square frame will ensure you are maximizing your image within the proper cropping.  Knowing this means you can zoom in or out to ensure your item is within a square and you do not end up cropping parts of your resource out. If it is not possible to shoot in a square frame shoot horizontally.

  1. Use even lighting.  You want to avoid having shadows in your picture that hide parts of the resource.  If the space you are shooting in is well lit do not use a flash as this can create a white spot on your picture.
  2. Take multiple pictures from multiple angles and some close-ups so member’s questions can be answered through the photos. This way they get a great idea of what the resource looks like.
  3. Last but not least always check that your picture is not blurry. If it is blurry, just retake the photo.

That’s it, just a few easy steps to making sure every picture of your resource helps to tell your story.

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