Let’s face it.  Trying to find qualified, skilled and experienced employees is not easy. Trying to retain these employees can be even more difficult. With Canada’s jobless rate hitting record low numbers in 2019 and currently at 5.5% we know the struggle is real.

Labour shortages are an issue in Canada. Many companies cannot find skilled “human resources” to meet their needs. This can be attributed to a variety of factors such as a dynamic economic environment, retirement-related to an ageing population, and a  lack of young people joining the workforce.

Have you ever thought of sharing your skilled employees? Or of using other company’s employees?  Well if you haven’t the time is now to start thinking about it.

BizBiz Share has an innovative solution that makes this process easy.

BizBiz Share’s has built a solid foundation in sharing resources between neighbouring companies.  This same exact concept works perfectly to share employees.

The advantages of sharing employees are numerous.

  • Retain employees by ensuring they are always busy and engaged
  • Employees gain experience by working at other companies
  • Earn extra revenue from sharing your employees
  • Reduce cost when hiring a shared employee
  • No excess cost for underused employees


Looking at the time pass when work is almost over and can’t wait to leave (cookie monster)

So? What are you waiting for? 😉