Did you know that only 77% of a company’s resources are actually used to capacity?  The costs of this are astronomical. Companies are wasting billions of dollars annually. Sharing resources can be the solution to this problem. The concept allows companies to generate additional revenue for the use of their underutilized resources.  Generating additional revenue can help companies to help bear the costs associated with the financing of the resource. If the resource is paid for it is extra revenue straight to the bottom line

Some resources, however, can not be rented or transported because of their size and weight (ex CNC machine, paint chamber …). Despite this, they can still be made available for neighbouring companies.  These resources are categorized as “excess capacity”. Meaning you have available time on the machine for additional projects. This is now another way to create an additional source of income while at the same time reducing the need for another company to have to purchase the machine.  Sharing the time and expertise available is a win-win for the owner and the company in need of the service.

This solution of “sharing resources” makes it possible to answer two important issues for the companies involved, namely the underutilization of fixed equipment (dead period) which is a real issue in the overall profitability of a company. The sporadic need for the use of equipment is solved by avoiding the company’s need to make a purchase and eliminates using the company’s capital for the purchase.