Oh, what a year!

Wow, 2020 already!  The future is officially now!  2019 was one of our biggest years to date, we expanded our team and passed huge milestones for the growth of the company.  The future is looking bright and we have a lot of exciting plans for 2020.


Check out some of the highlights and achievements in 2019.


  • We signed up our 500th member,
  • Hired our CSO full time


  • Created our Advisor board
  • Partnered with BDC,
  • Strategic Planning Retreat for our newly formed Executive Team
  • Start the transactional system project
  • Created a new public website in React


  • Moved into our new offices In Lachine
  • 98.5 FM Paul Arcand and Émile Proulx-Cloutier aired a segment on BizBiz Share
  • Road trip to Toronto to pitch to investors
  • Crowd Source testing 



  • Created an in-house Marketing Department
  • Closed first seed round investors
  • Launched our new notification center
  • Launched South Shore (Longueuil) as a new territory


  • Launched our Newsletter program
  • Started filming our 12 part Vlog on the BizBiz culture


  • Treated to a BBQ with one of our members at Composite Air Design
  • Pitched at the Finale of the Fundico Road Show
  • Meet and Greet Event
    • to Christen our new offices, celebrate our team, investors, members and Advisory Board


  • Launched our New website
    • Complete redesign of our website
    • Clear message as to what we do and how we do it
    • introduced our team and the culture
    • FAQ section


  • Launched negotiation and transactional feature phase 1
  • Got a new “furry” office manager


  • Introduced transportation and protection plan feature
  • Launched a new membership plan
  • Signed on our 1000th member


  • Got new kind of cookie in the cookie jar
  • Launched negotiation and transactional feature phase 2


  • Nominated in the Novae contest
  • record number of visits to our website
  • Launched a partnership with APCHQ Montérégie-Suroît


  • Email notification system in place
  • Article in the Journal de Montreal about our CEO and BizBiz Share


We have some big plans for 2020 that we are so excited about.  We will give you all the tea soon!

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