Meet Kareem, a BizBiz Warrior

I’ve always had a passion for food… Eating it, of course, but also the story behind each meal. Within one bite, I taste spices from Asia, vegetables from South America, fish from Africa, potatoes from Manitoba, using olive oil from Greece and butter from local producers. I find it amazing that the mixture of so many different flavours complimenting each other, working together with the common goal of offering something unique and wonderful.

The same can be said with an array of other things in life: dancing, music, sports, architecture and business. Just like several ingredients are required to make a batch of cookies– or several instruments required to make a symphony, it takes a sum of several different minds, with different talents, working together to make a business great and successful.

After leaving high school I lost contact with most of my classmates. No hard feelings, everyone just chose separate paths. Some of us started working in sales, some went to trade school, some went to university to study marketing, engineering, coding and technology.

A few years later a friend of mine told me about a “revolutionary idea some guy with no business experience thought of”.  That idea was BizBiz Share. I found it such an interesting concept that I quit my day job to join the Bizbiz team.   I now had the chance to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for several years. A team filled with old friends with different knowledge, skill sets, qualities and flaws. Just like different ingredients complimenting each other in a meal, my coworkers compliment each other in the workplace. I think that’s what makes my team so strong; we have known each other for years; now have the opportunity to work together.  We developed a team dynamic years before Bizbiz even started.

Ultimately, I am looking to gain as much experience within this tech startup as possible. I am responsible for a list of tasks within the company, forcing me to manage my time efficiently. I look forward to what the future holds, I see the experience I gain here as invaluable. I believe it will help me not only in my workspace but in life as well; with future jobs, friendships, relationships and challenges that are to come.

Stay tuned!




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