In our current economic landscape, the rise and impact of the sharing economy is undeniable.  The concept is to maximize the usage of fixed assets. Resources are not always used 100% of the time, by offering resources to others creates a new source of income for owners and reduces costs to the customer.

The Sharing Economy

Companies like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are prime examples of the B2C sharing economy model, all of which offer platforms for drivers and owners to profit from their cars, homes etc. These companies have succeeded in upsetting the huge taxi and hotel industries without owning a single vehicle or building, which proves the disruptive potential of the sharing economy.

BizBiz Share is the largest platform for buying, selling or renting inventory, warehousing and equipment in Canada.

Having initially established itself in the manufacturing sector of Montreal BizBiz Share is deployed in the main regions of Quebec. Specifically in Mauricie where a partnership with Desjardins Enterprises has been reached in order to offer all the advantages of the platform to companies within the region.

BizBiz Share now has dominance within the construction sector.

Advantages to the Construction Industry

What does a pickup truck, nail gun, portable circular saw, concrete mixer and an excavator have in common? The obvious answer is, these are all tools and equipment that are commonly found on construction sites. Another commonality is that all these pieces of equipment are used sporadically.

Construction companies now have access to a platform that offers a better way to manage underutilized equipment.

“We want to connect users who cannot or do not want to buy expensive equipment with those who have underutilized equipment,” said Elliot Daigneault, founder of BizBiz Share

Using for construction companies is beneficial to equipment owners and contractors who may have a temporary need. Owners get better lifetime value for their investment in machinery by generating rental income on equipment. Buyers and renters, on the other hand, are free to increase (or reduce) the size of their fleets as needed. The sharing economy is a solution at a time when almost all construction companies are looking for ways to do more with less.

Why use BizBiz Share                                               

Sharing equipment offers solutions to many common problems during a construction project. Here is a list of some the more critical ones below:

Surplus inventories 

An important advantage for the construction sector is the possibility of having or finding various inventories of materials. When a site is completed, the surplus can be sold to other contractors. Contractors would welcome the opportunity to purchase smaller quantities than those offered by traditional suppliers.

Lower costs     

Renting equipment or purchasing used equipment instead of buying it will reduce the overall project costs. It also allows for one time rentals of the exact equipment needed, rather than making use of equipment already owned that may not exactly suit the needs of the project.


Buying the right equipment is one thing. Storage of the equipment can be another expensive problem. The availability of safe storage for your equipment can also be an issue. With BizBiz Share you can find warehousing or outdoor storage space at an affordable price.

The benefits of the sharing economy and specifically BizBiz Share are numerous.  The time is now for the construction industry to adapt to this new way of working.