How to stay entertained!

As things are starting to get back to normal, we still have to continue to social distance. This is what some of our team is doing to entertain themselves. If you’re looking for something new, keep reading!


Netflix is our new best friend?!? That might be a little more accurate than we would like to admit!  Being obsessed with a new show can actually develop your creativity and make you think about something new! At the very least you’re being distracted and enjoying the moment. According to Farid (one of the Techlords) and Valentine, the Marketing Chicka, “Altered Carbon” is THE show to watch. Our other Tech Lord loves to fall asleep with documentaries about nature, ahhh.  He recommends “Our Planet”. Our dear Marketing Queen is obsessed with “Money Heist”, while our Business Experto (our Latino boy) is binge-watching “Life in Pieces”. Of course, our boss isn’t a normie at all and watches Parks & Recreation on Amazon Prime.

Staying healthy

What about training those abs, huh? Let’s try this new veggie recipe! You have the time, use it well – don’t waste any opportunity to discover new hobbies. Here are some Youtube videos you can use to get motivated!,

and of course healthy recipes :


Reading books

How long has it been since you last read a great book? Now’s the time to feed our minds! If the BizBiz Share team can suggest just one book, its “Leviatemps” by Maxim Chattam. Here’s the summary: Paris, 1900. As a prisoner of his success, a writer decides to leave everything to enter the depths of his nightmares, his abysses, to explore the worst in him. In this soil of fear lies the matrix of monsters buried in each of us. A Leviathan of shadows, a golem of violence. From the esoteric circles of the capital to the excesses of the Universal Exposition, the beginning of the 20th century inspired Maxime Chattam to a hallucinated thriller where the progress of science nourishes the madness of souls lost in search of eternity.


We can assure you, you’ll travel in time, feel like you’re living in the 20th century.


Keep business running

No Ma’am, laziness isn’t for us! This is *not* the time for business to stop. Use this time to build your game plan and get ready to execute when everything returns to the new normal. Do you need industrial supply? Use our marketplace and not suffer from supply chain disruption. As a bonus supporting your local economy during this time is key! These days, what we absolutely need, is solidarity and sharing. ♥

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