Stage à distance

Hiya! My name is Will and I’m currently interning here at BizBiz. The team is lovely and I’m learning so much, but it does come with some extra baggage because of dear Miss Rona (that is, COVID-19).


It’s been a challenge, of course, suddenly I have to think about how my tone comes off in emails if I *don’t* use a bunch of cat emojis. Can I live?  But maybe the challenge is a good thing, and it’s more of a practice thing, which is what an internship is anyway. Maybe we’re prepping for how the future will just be from now on 🤷🏻‍♂️



Anywho! When I was first introduced to the Bizbiz team, I was relieved at how personable the atmosphere was! The internship program at my school is presented as our first foray into our careers, so I was expecting some sort of uber-corporate atmosphere, but it wasn’t! I was presented with a fascinating and burgeoning company that promoted out of the box thinking and a team atmosphere. But then again, things change and I said goodbye to the cookie bar and hello to the….three grocery stores near me…but that’s beside the point. How does one feel like part of the team at a distance?



Well! You simply light your favourite soy-based candle (because every day is #smallbusinesssaturday) and hunker down. I sometimes have the attention span of a fruit fly so that’s been fun, but really it’s been fascinating to learn about an industry that’s been right under my nose. Suddenly I know a strange amount of what a business-to-business marketplace is for a photography student, and I’m able to use the lingo now and actually apply beyond my regular courtesy counter-based experience.


It’s really about treating yourself like the student you are, and that it’s ok that I’m not an expert at everything, because no one is, and the team here will give you space to learn. Beyond that, I think it’s for the better that I’ve had to do it all online, I feel like I’m more ahead of the game, and have more practice, and that’s what an internship is.


But don’t get me wrong, I still wanna go outside.

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