New graphic and web design intern !

Hello ! Je m’appelle Rachel, j’ai 19 ans et après trois ans d’études, je finis mon DEC en conception graphique et web. Par la suite, je commencerai mon BAC en marketing à John Molson.

My three years in Graphic and Web Design all lead up to a final internship which is when I started at BizBiz Share. Initially, BizBiz was one of the companies that came to John Abbott to interview some of the students. This is when I met the Marketing Director, Sandra. I was a bit nervous going into the interview but when I met Sandra I immediately felt comfortable. I am a very social person which is why I loved Sandra’s genuine and welcoming approach.


Essentially, my internship was supposed to start on April 6th and end May 8th but with COVID 19’s impeccable timing many employers could not hire any interns. However, BizBiz Share on the other hand, pursued with interns throughout this pandemic which I am incredibly grateful for.

My tasks as an intern are designing aesthetics and collaborating in the social media aspect of the company. I love that I have the opportunity to partake in this category but I have to say the part I enjoy the most about this internship are the people I am working with. Never did I think I would land on a team so down to earth, funny, and open-minded. Especially for a beginner starting her first real internship, I did not expect this whatsoever.

Going into this, I thought my employer would have a rather closed off opinion about what the company needs to improve in different departments but on the contrary, this company is all about new ideas! They are open to anything you could possibly bring to grow the company and believe there are no bad ideas. Another factor that adds to the joy of working for BizBiz is the team’s strength in communication. My colleagues are always there whenever I have a question or in need of help.



All of this put together has helped me expand my knowledge as an employee and a designer but also as a person. Now I know what it’s like to work with a real company but also have fun with the people I work with doing what I love.

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