From Alberta oil sand site to a Montreal technology startup

A couple of years ago, in northern Alberta, Elliot Daigneault had an idea that would become BizBiz Share.

The beginnings

Our scene takes place on an oil sand site in northern Alberta. The site hosted around 100 contractors and was the biggest project of its kind. One day, with temperatures near -40 celsius, Elliot’s group was working on a culvert when one of their skid-steer’s hydraulic systems exploded! The work had to be halted and their foreman instructed them to go sit in the trucks and wait. While waiting, he kept thinking to himself, “what a waste of productivity this is…”.

A thought he just couldn’t shake off was the very same skid-steer in the laydown of a nearby company. It was just sitting idle, collecting snow instead of being put to work. What if Elliot’s group could have just leased it temporarily? Their project manager would have jumped at the opportunity to avoid delays and cost overruns.



The Idea

And so, the idea was born: a platform that allows companies to work together to gain access to resources they need and optimize the efficiency of what they own. This pretty simple idea offers a synergy that benefits our economy, businesses and our environment.

From this idea in 2013, little by little a multicultural team was formed in Montréal, QC. Quebecois, Egyptians, Russian and French colleagues, all believers in the sharing economy, working together on Canadian soil to develop the BizBiz Share platform. Together we built a marketplace where you can sell, buy and rent surplus inventory, equipment and warehousing of neighbouring companies.

The Growth

In 2020 (what a fabulous year so far),  BizBiz Share launched a new Marketplace, BizBiz Stock in Illinois USA, Quebec and Ontario. BizBiz Stock is an industrial marketplace where you buy and sell metal surplus inventory. Plus, if we can add a little more exciting news, we’ll also be launching in British Colombia very soon. What a journey since that cold winter day!

Companies must work together, to buy locally and support local businesses.  Our goal is to make this process easier, won’t you be part of it?


C’mon, follow the lead! 


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