BizBiz Share has arrived in beautiful British Columbia!

Light House is excited to launch BizBiz BC as part of its Circular Economy programs. This Online Materials Marketplace will help local businesses to reduce costs, earn extra income, and make environmentally conscious decisions.

But first, allow us to introduce ourselves…

Light House is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit dedicated to advancing a regenerative built environment. Light House is home to the NISP® Canada, National Industrial Symbiosis Program Canada. The NISP model is endorsed by the G7, EU, and OECD as one of the top means of achieving industrial symbiosis – B2B resource sharing, especially of ‘wastes.’ Light House is the BC affiliate of BizBiz Share.
NISP® Canada helps companies and other types of organizations to identify opportunities for resource collaboration. Primarily focused on the material exchange, but also include other resources such as research expertise, transportation, and logistics, NISP® has been shown in 35 other regions around the globe to be an effective means of creating economic, environmental, and social benefits to businesses and surrounding communities.


How BizBiz works:

  • The platform is FREE to use; you can negotiate the deal (a unique feature of our platform), approve the transaction, get protection coverage, arrange transportation, and receive your money all directly through the website.
  • Your surplus product, underutilized resources, and waste typically represent an unwanted cost to your business. This tool will help you to reduce your costs or earn extra income by procuring or leasing from other nearby companies in the most efficient way.

Video tutorials:

What is BizBiz Share?:

Simplifying the creation of opportunities:


Contact us to learn more about how LightHouse programs NISP® and BizBiz BC can benefit your business!

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