A few insights from our new Marketing Coordinator

“No matter what you do, you job is to tell your story” – GaryVee

From B2C in France to B2B in Quebec, that’s a hell of a change. What does one think when they start working at BizBiz Share ? I’ll tell you !

Working in a start-up was something new for me. “ You’re going to deal with some challenges ”, said Elliot (our CEO). I sure am, and it’s great.

New world, new culture, new coffee machine. I can hear old school Rock in the meeting room, and latin music in the corridor. (I listen to Bon Jovi when I workout and Bad Bunny when I work, so I think I might be at the right place.)

Anyway, it took me less than a week to leave my heels at home, as sneakers are more suited for running. Because running is basically what you do in a start-up.  Even though I prefer dumbbells over treadmills, at BizBiz Share, I run. You know what ? I even do it with a smile. We’re all running. Running after time, which goes by oh so fast, and at times after our colleagues as well.

I get to collaborate with almost everyone. Furthermore I have the chance to propose my ideas and give my opinions (sharing is what we do, right ?)



My mission is to make you discover BizBiz Share, the team, what we do, and how we’re going to change the world. Actually, we’re starting with Canadian companies, and that’s already something big.

I admit it, taking a plane to cross the Atlantic wasn’t my most ecological move, but today, I’m helping promote the circular economy which lessens transport times, promotes local buying and is pretty damn green in itself.

The thing is, I’m not doing it for my Karma, but for the talented, dynamic and open-minded team at BizBiz Share.

How about you, do you want to collaborate ?

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