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Vancouver, B.C.

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Vancouver, B.C.
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2000-4000 ft– Oliver, B.C

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There are significant environmental benefits in preventing textiles from ending up in landfills. A 2015 European study showed that for every single unit of avoided production for textiles, more than 21 units of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions are prevented from being released into the atmosphere. This is higher than any other material with aluminum coming in at a distant second with 13 units of CO2e avoided per unit of aluminum not produced. Textiles also carry a very large water and energy footprint, production of a tonne of clothes can use up 10 times more energy than that of steel or glass.
Every year in Metro Vancouver multifamily buildings collectively throw out roughly 13 million lbs of clothing and textiles. That’s a staggering 36,000 lbs (on average) ending up in our landfill every day! Of this amount only 2% is actual waste and the rest can be either reused, recycled into new fabric and garments, or repurposed into wiping rags and shoddy.
Revivify is a socially and environmentally centered start-up company based out of Vancouver BC, formed to promote and facilitate the practical and scalable implementation of the circular economy. Aiming to significantly reduce and hopefully eliminate the flow of textiles into the landfill from high-rise buildings, Revivify In partnership with the Big Brother’s of Greater Vancouver, has been providing a convenient and free-of-charge indoor textile recycling bin and service for multifamily buildings (60 units or more) all across Metro Vancouver. Residents of buildings with a Revivify bin are easily recycling their clothing, linen, and shoes just like they do other recyclables such as mixed paper and containers. The majority of proceeds from the program support Big Brothers’ programs for local kids.
Strata and rental management companies, developers, and strata council members, can now conveniently join the growing list of buildings that are no longer discarding usable textiles and clothing into the garbage.
Request a bin by clicking on the top right button on their website or check out this link to the Revivify brochure for more information.

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