March 2021 – Marketplace Highlights

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March 2021’s resources, requests, and updates!

This Month’s Newest Resources

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$ Negotiable
Also known as cocoa mass, liquor is finely milled powder suspended in cocoa butter.
Mission, B.C.
$ Negotiable
Strips of unbleached paper tightly wound into a tube and bonded with glue.
Squamish, B.C.
~70% ash. ~20% carbon.
Edmonton, A.B.

This Month’s Newest Requests

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$ Negotiable
Mission, B.C.

$ Negotiable
Fine, clean, non-treated, dry, (or Kiln dried) Pine or Fir wood dust. Cannot contain Cedar.
Saanich, B.C.
$ Negotiable
 Standard tote bag/grocery bags that are made of tarp material (not fabric) and can be waterproof.
Surrey, B.C.

Meet the Latest Circular Organization on BizBiz

BinBreeze is an all-natural and non-toxic composting powder, that eliminates fruit flies, reduces bin odour, and absorbs excess moisture. This is the founding product from Build a Better Earth, a sustainable technology social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating products, beliefs, and habits that help individuals ‘build a better earth’ for future generations. Their vision is of an environmentally empowered and sustainable consumer, living within a thriving circular economy.
The main ingredient in BinBreeze is upcycled wood waste that is diverted from being burned. The scientifically developed formula of wood waste, minerals, and silicates help balance your kitchen waste and stimulate aerobic decomposition, the non-stinky, non-methane releasing kind!
BinBreeze makes composting easy and pleasant increasing compost adoption and utilization rated. Additionally, BinBreeze also benefits local composting operation by helping to increase compost turnover and creating a more nutrient rich compost.
BinBreeze can be purchased at or at any of their wonderful retailers. On their ‘Where to Find’ page, you can input your postal code and search for a retailer near you.
If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with Build a Better Earth, you can contact Harmen at BinBreeze.

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