New graphic and web design intern !

Hello! My name is Britney and I am currently completing the third year of my Graphic and Web Design DEC at John Abbott College. Afterwards, I will continue my studies in Marketing at John Molson.

Since the start of my program, I had a small fear about my future internship. I was constantly asking myself questions about like was I going to be able to find myself an internship that I felt comfortable in, if I was going to be able to do the required work or simply if I was going to be able to learn new things that would serve me for my future. BizBiz really came to allay all my anxieties and made me feel in my place as soon as I arrived.

With the pandemic continuing to steal the show, internships have turned to a virtual world. So, I was really happy when I learned that BizBiz was offering the internship in person! It is an experience that I would not have been able to live to its fullest if I had been stuck behind a screen. To be lucky enough to be surrounded by such an amazing, caring and open-minded team like this makes me extremely grateful.

The work I do at BizBiz consists of graphic design, video editing and creation of media for their social networks. I was able to work with new tools and I learned a lot of new techniques. Also, I was able to apply my knowledge acquired during my classes to create really beautiful end results. Since I am continuing my studies in Marketing in University, I wanted to deepen my knowledge on this subject, so working with a company specializing in web marketing is really a great opportunity. BizBiz helped me notice that it’s really in this field that I want to get started and that there is a lot of possibilities.

Whether it’s the great working atmosphere, the funny adventures of the team or even the great snack bar, I could not have come across a better stage. Being able to help grow a company with so much potential and history is truly a memorable experience that I will keep close to my heart for the rest of my life. I was able to develop my skills and have a greater sense of professionalism of the real work life. I cannot thank BizBiz enough for this experience which I recommend to anyone who wants to take on a new challenge or develop new skills.

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