Posted by | October 26, 2020
Meet our new Telemarketer !

Hi folks! My name is Louis-David, I’m 20 years old, from Vancouver, BC. I’m a telemarketer at Bizbiz and I’ve been working here since September of last year but left...

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Posted by | October 4, 2020
10 Questions we ask our Rookies

1.Hi ! What’s your full name, age, profession, shoes size, last meal and favourite colour? My name is Anja Rasoloarivalona, I’m 24 years old and I’m a Front-End Developer. My...

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Posted by | May 25, 2020
New graphic and web design intern !

My three years in Graphic and Web Design all lead up to a final internship which is when I started at BizBiz Share. Initially, BizBiz was one of the companies...

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Posted by | May 11, 2020
Internship at a distance

Hiya! My name is Will and I’m currently interning here at BizBiz. The team is lovely and I’m learning so much, but it does come with some extra baggage because...

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