Posted by | May 25, 2021
All you need to know about the redesign of our marketplace

It all started with a simple idea, which led to the development of cutting-edge technology that we’re now commercializing under white label to fulfill the needs of various organisations.  ...

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Posted by | February 11, 2020
2019 at BizBiz, the stats!

1 – Who are the BizBiz Share members in 2019?   Here are our members on a map. The more orange there is the more active the area is. No...

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Posted by | December 13, 2019
How technology has enabled the sharing economy to become a $ 100 + billion market

The leading “hotel” company that hosts the most travellers each year owns no rooms. The “taxi” company that transports the most people every day actually owns no vehicles. The principle...

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Posted by | March 19, 2019
Our website takes the next step with React JS

On Monday, March 18th, we added a new library and a new service to our architecture. Our public website that used to be in Apache Struts 2 was revamped in...

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