1. Getting Started

If you don’t have a BizBiz Share account yet, follow the steps below;

  • Go to bizbizshare.com and click “Sign up”.
  • Fill in your email address, first name, last name, phone number and choose a password. Click “Continue”.
  • Fill in your company name, its address and what type of industry you are in. Click “Continue”.
  • Once you have entered this information, we will send you an email. You’re almost there !
  • Click on the “Activate” button.
  • Enter your credit card information and “Confirm”.

The password must contain at least 8 characters and meet at least two out of three requirements listed below (2/3):

  • Password must contain an uppercase letter.
  • Password must contain a digit.
  • Password must contain a special character

It is free to become a BizBiz Share member.

Transaction fees are applicable for the sellers, and you can choose a paid membership if you plan on selling a huge volume of resources. That way, these fees will be reduced.

Here’s everything you need to know about our free and paid memberships.

The information you have already entered will be auto-filled into your profile.

  • Click on “Profile” on your top right hand corner menu, then “My profile”. You’re now on your dashboard.
  • Click “Edit info” in the left column. You can now add a description of your company, both in english and in french.
  • You can also change any info that you had previously added.
  • Click “Next”; choose a profile picture and upload images to your gallery.
  • Finally, click “submit”

Your profile is complete !

The Marketplace of BizBiz Share is where all resources are displayed.  There is machinery, equipment, warehousing, office space and many other resources for companies.
When you post your resources, they will appear here.

There’s also a “Requests” button for you to browse which resources are in demand.

Use the research tool at the top of the page, and find whatever you need in a few clicks !

Log in. On the right-hand side of your dashboard, you can see your number of active resources and requests. There’s a “+” sign. Click on it.

  • Fill in all the requested information.
    The “Description” box allows you to write all the details about your resource. There is an option to add a french description to your post. For companies in Quebec, we highly suggest writing the info in both French and English.
  • Click “Next” and upload pictures of your resource. You have many more chances to find a buyer if you add some images !
  • Select the location of your resource.
  • Finally, you can an attachment if needed, such as a technical sheet.

Don’t forget to click “Save”, and your resource is online !

Log in.

Click on “Marketplace”.  You will see a search bar at the top of the page.

Type in the item you are looking for then click on “Search”; you’ll see all the resources available.

The advanced filters are on the right-hand side : you can narrow your options by using them.

The location of the resources on the map are on the right too. If you want to filter your resource search even further, you can click on Distance  with the sliding ruler and select the radius you would like.

You’ve found the perfect resource, now it’s time to make it official.

Negotiate the Deal
Occasionally a member will be flexible on a rental/selling price. You can negotiate with that person directly on the platform.  For more details, refer to How do I negotiate a deal?

Once both the lender/seller and the renter/buyer agree on a price you can begin to complete the process.


There is a Shipping option.  If you need the resource to be shipped from the seller’s place to your company,  you can choose the “Shipping Option”. For more details, refer to How does the Shipping Option work?


Then, you can complete the payment.

The resource is booked after the payment is completed !

You can start a negociation by making an offer for a resource. The button “Make an offer” is always on the right.

To see all your ongoing negociations, click on “Profile” then “Transactions”.
You can chat with the owner of the resource you wish to buy/rent, and anwser potential buyers about your own resources available.
Note : the price includes the transaction fees for the owner of the resource.

Once you have both agreed on the price, click on “Accepted”.


Yes, but it is not mandatory.
During the settlement of the transaction, “no” is selected by default. If you wish to use our transport option, make sure you click “yes” in the “need transport” section.
Fees will apply, but note that it can be part of the negociation.

You have the option to use our Shipping Service or not.  The system automatically defaults to “No” so you just have to click on “Next” if you don’t need shipping.

If you need shipping so click on “Yes”

You will then be asked a series of questions. If all of your requirements are filled with the questions asked you can receive an instant quote by clicking on “Calculate Quote”.

If your requirements are not filled with our questions then you may need a “Custom Quote”. Click “Custom Quote”, provide your specification and you will receive an answer within 2 to 3 hours.

Log in.
On the right, there’s a “+”, next to your number of requests.
Fill in all the information and click “Save”

Your request for a resource is now live and all members within your neighbourhood will be notified.

Start by making it private. Click the 3 dots at the top right hand corner of the resource and click “make private”.
After you’ve done that, your resource won’t be available anymore on the marketplace and only you will be able to see it.

However, you can edit it or repost it anytime.

If you wish to permanently delete it, just click the 3 gots and then “delete”.

Be careful, this action is irreversible.

2. Account Settings

Go to your Dashboard on click on “Profile” on the top right hand corner.

By default, all notification are active.

If you do not wish to receive any of the notifications or just some notification, click on the slider of each notification you don’t wish to receive, the button will turn grey.

Click on “Update” and you will no longer receive this notification.

You can change these settings at any time.


In the menu at the top of the page, there’s a small bell : The number of notifications appears on the bell.

Click on it to see them.


Click on “Profile”, in the top right hand corner.

Then, click “Language”

Choose french or english.

If you have forgotten your password or want to change your password you use for your BizBiz Share account:

Go to “Login” on the homepage

Click on “Forgot Password”                                                                                          

We will send an email to the email address connected to the account

Open the email and click on “change my password”

  • Click on “Profile” on your top right hand corner menu, then “My profile”. You’re now on your dashboard.
  • Click “Edit info” in the left column. You can now add a description of your company, both in english and in french.
  • You can also change any info that you had previously added.
  • Click “Next”; choose a profile picture and upload images to your gallery.
  • Finally, click “submit”

Your profile is now updated !

You can easily change your contact email.

Click “My profile”.

On the left, near your profile picture, click “Edit”.

You can edit all your info and choose a new email address

There can only be one email and one password connected to your BizBiz Share membership.

3. Payments & Fees

Our negotiation and transaction system is specifically designed to facilitate transactions between parties in a safe and secure way. If you wish to cancel a reservation, you will receive a complete refund, minus the transaction fees of 3% incurred by BizBiz Construction.

An order cannot be canceled less than 48hours before its delivery date.

On our end, we ensure that the resources displayed on the marketplace are of good quality and that all information is accurately listed for you to have the best purchase experience.

If you have any issues, please contact us at: [email protected].

Here are all the details about the transaction fees for the seller/lender.

You will be charged as soon as you select your membership level and enter your credit card information.  Your initial charge will only be the monthly amount that corresponds to your membership level. You will automatically be charged your membership fee every month.

You will be charged as soon as you enter your credit card information.

Once you have completed your negotiations, confirmed whether or not you need shipping, you can confirm the transaction.


This is where you review all the details of your transaction and type your credit card info.  If all is good, confirm the transaction, and it’s done !


On the Payment tab you will have the choice to either enter a new credit card or use one of your saved credit cards. Note the default is set to saved cards.  You just need to click on the image of the card you wish to use.

If you wish to add a new card just fill in the required info and click on “Pay now”.


Buyers and renters don’t pay any transaction fees.

The total price of a resource on BizBiz Share is based on the rental/selling price set by the owner of the resource. The price can be negotiated between the two members. Additional fees may apply :

  • Shipping fee: Fee charged by our shipping service to cover the cost of transportation of a resource from company A to company B. (if needed)
  • Protection fee: Fee charged to give members the extra security of knowing if there is an incident or damage to the resource the insurance deductible will be covered by BizBiz Protection Plan).

There are transaction fees for the seller : see all details.

We accept :

  • Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & American Express)
  • Paiement by interact e-transfer or Wire transfer
  • Checks

During the negotiation/payment process you can cancel your transaction at any time by clicking on “Cancel Negotiation”.  You will then be asked if you are sure, click “yes” or “no”.

If you have completed your negotiation/payment process and would like to cancel your reservation you will have to email [email protected].

You can’t cancel a reservation less than 48h before the shipping date

If the transaction is cancelled, you will receive a full refund minus any fees incurred by BizBiz Share.
Ex. payment processing fees.

Once the transaction has been accepted the lender/seller can’t cancel the reservation

If you have any issue, contact us !

[email protected]

4. Features

No. We act as an intermediary between the seller (that offers the resource/inventory) and the buyer (who is renting or buying the resource/inventory). When you use our platform, you are effectively dealing between 2 business members of our platform. As for us, we are the facilitator in the whole process.

The BizBiz Wiz is a member of our team who is here to help you through the process of creating your company account, and discovering the marketplace.

Here is always available to help you out with any questions you may have.

He will help you to create your profile, teach you how to post, search and identify opportunities.

The BizBiz Wiz will take you through the entire process step by step, and even after his visit, he’s still here to available to answer all your questions.

There’s no fee !

The BizBiz Wiz is here to help you

BizBiz Protection Plan protects you from paying the deductible on any resource you rent.  If the resource is damaged during your rental period, our BizBiz Protection Plan will cover the deductible for you (up to a total amount of $5000).  This will give you peace of mind during your rental period.

Note that by default, the insurance of the owner of the resource will be liable. Our BizBIz Protection does not cover CSST related injuries.

Yes. Some members require a signed contract or rental agreement prior to the reservation start date.  This contract would be between the lender/seller and the renter/buyer and in no way implicates BizBiz Share.

For lender/seller

If you require a renter/buyer to sign a contract, you must disclose the actual contract terms to them prior to booking. The easiest way to do this is to mention the contract in your listing’s description, and include the terms in your message thread with the renter/buyer.

BizBiz Share can’t help enforce any special policies in your contract.

For renter/buyer                                                                                                    

Lenders/sellers may ask you to sign a contract, but they must disclose this requirement and its terms prior to booking.

If you’re not comfortable with the contract, you may want to discuss your concerns with the lender/seller or look for another resource.

If your host asks you to sign a contract that you weren’t notified about before you made the reservation, you can decline to sign the contract and ask your lender/seller to cancel your reservation instead.

If you have a free subscription, there is no need to deactivate or unsubscribe from the account.


To unsubscribe when you have a paid subscription, go to your dashboard, in “Settings”. In “Subscription”, click “Manage” and you can choose the free subscription. After that, you will not be billet anymore.

Note : if you have chosen an annual subscription, you have to wait until the end of your subscription before you unsubscribe.

Any questions?

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